Product Description



A Steel Sheet Pile is a structural element in the form of a steel sheet with an interlocking design, commonly used for retaining walls, cofferdams, and other earth-retaining structures. Its interlocking mechanism allows for a continuous wall that provides stability against soil or water pressure.

MaterialTypically made of steel, offering strength and durability
ApplicationCommonly used in construction for retaining walls, cofferdams, and foundation support
DesignInterlocking profile allows for the creation of continuous walls
TypesVarious shapes and profiles available, including U-shape, Z-shape, and straight
InstallationDriven or vibrated into the ground, forming a continuous barrier
Size and DimensionsAvailable in different lengths, widths, and thicknesses to suit specific requirements
Corrosion ResistanceGalvanized or coated options for improved corrosion resistance
Standards and SpecsASTM A328 and ASTM A572 are common standards for steel sheet piles
ManufacturersNumerous steel fabrication companies globally
Long-term PerformanceProvides structural stability in earth-retaining applications over an extended period
ConsiderationsSelection based on soil conditions, load-bearing requirements, and environmental factors



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