45# seamless steel pipe characteristics
Time : 2022-03-10
45# seamless steel pipe characteristics

45# refers to the carbon content of this material, about 450. This kind of material in seamless steel pipe, compared with other excellent carbon steel, is also common.

  45# steel: the average carbon content is 0.42-0.50%, the average silicon content is 0.17-0.37%, the average manganese content is 0.50-0.80%, the average sulfur content is less than 0.035%, the average phosphorus content is less than 0.035%, the average chromium content is less than 0.25%, and the average nickel content is less than 0.2545%

  Recommended heat treatment temperature tensile strength: no less than 600MPa yield strength: no less than 355MPa elongation: 10% shrinkage: 40% impact energy: 39j steel delivery state hardness: no more than no heat treatment: 229hbs annealed steel: 197hbs application example: used to manufacture gears, racks, sprockets, shafts, keys, pins, impellers of steam turbines, compressor pump parts. %, product model 45 × product specification φ: 756mm; wall thickness: below 100mm.

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